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LINNEY recently emerged as both a powerful voice and gifted songwriter on both the East Coast via Miami and the Southern California West Coast.  Linney started 2016 by performing “Coming Back for More”, her John Lennon Songwriting Competition winner.  She was featured on the Nissan Main Stage at the Anaheim Convention Center during the annual National Association of Music Merchandisers Convention.  She thrilled with a 40 minute set.  The performance still thrills fans with her “Coming Back for More” video produced by the Lennon Foundation, as well as her recently released EP title “Things We Say“ (March 11th, 2016) and “Things We Do” (June 3rd, 2016).

“Masterful” is how Jaime Walden, Executive Vice President of the John Lennon Foundation described her packed house acoustic set at the “Betsy” Hotel on Miami Beach.  Matt Reich of the Lennon Foundation describer her voice as “powerful, pure… just perfect” right after the set.  The Miami swing included writing an original song with students at St. Brendan’s School, Coral Gables, on the Lennon Educational Tour Bus, and a tribute to John Lennon’s legacy with a 450 student “Give Peace a Chance” peace sign filmed from the air.  The Lennon Education Bus is a state of the art audio and video recording studio that travels the United States to help student create music with professional Lennon staff and various guest musicians like LINNEY. 

LINNEY’s “Call It Home” has moved hearts and contributed to the fundraising efforts of the Opens Doors Foundation, which provides mortgage and rent assistance to parents of critically ill children undergoing treatment.  LINNEY performed “Call It Home” at national conventions of the Mortgage Bankers Association in San Diego and Nashville to help raise awareness and funding for Opens Doors.  According to LINNEY, “I wrote ‘Call It Home’ so that parents focus on helping their children get well, and to reduce parents’ worry about foreclosure or eviction from their home as they focus on caring for their ill child.”  LINNEY also co-wrote “Hope’s All In” with Casey Abrams to help Hope International raise awareness and funding for Hope International’s mission to eliminate poverty in 15 second and third world countries.



While in Nashville, LINNEY joined 28 acts in the Music City Big Break Competition at Mercy Lounge, Nashville and emerged as a semifinalist.  LINNEY performed “That Night,” which has since garnered over 600,000 plays on Spotify.  “That Night” and “Coming Back for More” were produced by Grammy award-winning producer Ran Jackson.  

“Marie” is a 2012 song of hope and love about a baby being carried by a pregnant young mother with cancer.  The song was an early influence on LINNEY.  “’Marie’ helped crystalize my desire to use music as a way to leave a room brighter than when I entered it. I performed the song at the “Betsy,” Miami Beach with Marie, now 4 years old, her mother and Marie’s 2 year old sister in the audience.  As I played ‘Marie,’  young Marie scrambled through the crowd up to the end of the grand piano, and peered at me.  It was a joy to see her beautiful eyes, and her family’s smiles.”  The story of ‘Marie’ will be released in the second half as 2016 as a mini-documentary about the positive power of music, featuring the song, ‘Marie.’  LINNEY’s “Betsy” performance will be featured in a separate new video to be released during the summer of 2016.

“I want my music to create happiness, positivity and hope.” LINNEY surely has made tremendous progress meeting these goals in the past few months.  Her journey continues as she is now back in the Los Angeles area.

LINNEY will be focusing on increasing her performance bookings and reaching out to both old and new fans.