Hey guys! I'm excited to announce I'll be performing at a wonderful fitness event on Nov. 2nd at 6AM. It'll be an acoustic set before the class begins. It's a wonderful event and a great way to start your morning!

Here's some more info from Sydney and Ben:



Wake up everyone, rise-to-shine, we've got an "uplifiting" morning dance party that will kick your senses into overdrive and connect you to your mindbody and soul. Benjamin Allen, creator of GROOV3 and Sydney Benner, creator of FLIGHT are joining forces to ELEVATE your life! Hashtag that! Start with some delicious juices and snacks provided by our sponsors, mix and mingle with LA based artists and then get down on the floor with an hour long booty shakin', soul quakin', dance party experience ending in what some are anticipating to be a sweaty mess of ecstasy! You may or may not want to go to work after, but either way you're gonna feel on top of the world! Take that first step with us...

Ben and Sydney  



caitlin linney